boating at rockport with craig's family. fun fun!




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dog lake

the weekend with no plans turned out to be a fabulous weekend! We decided to take a little hike to dog lake. the dogs can run off leash on odd days of the month so its pretty much like a big dog park/hike. we had so much fun...sydney was in the back pack and did not mind it at all. i did not get a picture of it but i carried her the first part of the hike. I think we might have to invest in a bigger back pack for future adventures. Copper, the nicest dog in the world, ended up getting bit by another dog. no worries craig super glued him back together. (its cheaper than having the vet do it) kind of sad when pet owners can control their dogs but we still love going there and it is really a beautiful hike. Well we did not end up making it too the lake..it was a chilly day and mommy (me) forgot to bring a jacket or socks for sydney, or a bottle. That is why craig is holding her feets so they did not get cold. I either pack way too much or not enough...im learning. love spending time with my little family though!!





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