its about time!

Craig and I are expecting our first baby in November! Yippee! We were too anxious to find out what the sex was there was no way we could have waited. Our 18 week ultrasound went very well and everything looked great. She was a little camera shy and would not show her face, for sure she takes after her dad on this one! I was excited to find out it was a girl but I think both of us would have been happy either way. We are very excited and I must admit a little nervous to think we are going to be raising a little one! Now its time for my favorite part...shopping!


girls night

girls night with my friends from high school...fun times love you girls! muah!

selena, christin, me, madelin, debbie, & olivia

madelin & sara


look who's 30!

Happy 30th Honey! Craig turned 30 on May 25. I am glad you had to do this before me....mine is creeping up on me too i guess. We celebrated all the May birthday's together that is why there are so many people behind the cake.