yellowstone twenty-ten

awww...that time of year again when we get to enjoy yellowstone. it is a long drive for little sydney but she got to see so many animals and learned some new ones. still hope to make this a yearly event with our family. we stayed in west yellowstone at our beautiful condo...indoor pool and all! the rest of the barson group stayed in the park in tents and trailers. sorry barson family i need a shower and a coffee maker. we had a great time and glad that angie and kyra were able to join us!! warning: our family is goofy see below! lol



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starting them young!



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family reunion

sydney got to go with grandma and grandpa to the miller reunion. i spent some extra time today to get her all cute with her painted nails and her bows. they had a good time together. they got to swim and spend some time with kyra and angie.


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crazy hair day

possibly the craziest morning hair i have seen from this kid! haha. thought it was worth snapping some pictures. sydney and i sure enjoy our mornings together!



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love love love summertime. love playing outside, love summer nights, love the heat, love almost everything about summer!

sydney is now 20 months old. she is such a little jabber. she can count to 10! knows all her colors! knows all her shapes! knows all her animal sounds! and says SO many words!! we are starting to learn the abc's. the other day driving in the car i said lets sing your abc's syd...she says, "abcd..pause..tv" haha! must be her daddy's kid. ;) she is a normal happy kid and i could not be happier!


mommy & syd (yes we love pink)

eating popcycles with daddy

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i think every kid has this picture...now sydney too!



4th of july! one of my favorite holidays. we went to the west jordan parade with grandma and some neighbors. it was a fun parade but pretty warm weather...as expected in july. sydney really liked see the horses and the clowns. when the parade started and they were throwing out the candy sydney was a little confused...but boy by the end of the parade..she knew exactally what it was! candy, candy and more candy. oh well isnt that what holidays are about? later that evening we went to the west jordan carnival. sydney was too little to ride most of the rides but she loved the pony ride. we did come home with a very overpriced frog animal and a blow up dolphin. yippee! maybe next year she will be into fireworks??




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