We had great seats for the circus this year. sydney really enjoyed it. the elephants, tigers, motorcycles and trampoliens! we went with brookli & kayli! too much sugar for these girls because at one point i looked over and brook and syd were dancing! we had fun!




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syd 22 months!

mommy's little helper. sydney talks talks talks. she has such a cute personality. i wish i could remember all the things she says because she is funny...guess i need to start writing them down. she gets me laughing all the time! i just love this sweet girl!


syndey loves to help me with laundry. she sits up on the dryer and puts the soap in and then stirs it in with the foon. (spoon) sydney can say her s's so i am not sure why she continues to say foon for spoon. its cute though.


syd up on the counter with her coloring book. recently she has really started liking to color. maybe she will be an artist like her dad!


picking the matos! whenever sydney is outside playing she always ends up in the garden. she LOVES picking the matos! (tomatoes) then she feeds them to copper and oscar (hope they are good for dogs too) Notice copper patiently waiting for her to hand him one.


Our first time planting carrots! they were yummy too.


this little girl is a ham! while i attempt to do laundry one morning she curlers up in the towels! haha. she says, "i'm in daddys towels."


copper snuggling with sydney on the couch.



riding the train at the mall with daddy.


powell trip

what a fun time we had at powell this year! we are very excited to be a part of this awesome house boat. sydney had such a fun time playing with all the "big kids". she slept very good at night and took her naps too! i thought the life jacket would be a little struggle...but she had no problem wearing it the whole time! syd also loves the water. she wanted to jump in the water every time we stopped the boat (ski boat) and then she would cry when it was time to get back in. the weather was beautiful...hot and sunny! we had one day of wind and that was all. we really had so much fun...surfing, skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, eating, playing. Josh provided our crafts and nail painting...haha! we had so much fun we are looking forward next year, and the next and the next!




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