piggys, goats and horses

sydney loves animals. we have to point out the cows and the horses everytime we drive past some. gardner village was doing a baby animal petting zoo for little kids. it was really fun. sydney rode the horsey, twice. yes she talked her daddy into riding it 2 times, it wasn't hard. they also had goats, pigs, chickens, and rabbits that you could pet. oh and mommy's tulips are up and beautiful!
springtime is here.




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easter sunday 2010! easter kind of low key considering the 4 inches of snow we got easter morning! no easter egg hunt outside. ;( boo we are ready for the sunshine. we went to my moms for dinner and then to dye some easter eggs. sydney was not too into dyeing the eggs this year...she did try to tip over the color cups a few times. maybe better luck next year. now for eating the eggs....YUM! deviled eggs, egg salad sandwhiches...bring them on! sydney is getting big so fast. her vocabulary seems like it triples every day. she is repeating things we say and using her own words to communicate it is a fun age!! she is a sweet girl and we love having her in our family!




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