boating at starvation

Craig and i (mostly the i part) thought this might be our last camping/boating trip we would be able to sleep in our tent. So we packed up the boys and the boat and headed for starvation. The last time we used our full size air mattress we decided it was not made for two...and for sure not three (counting the baby in my belly). So i had a another plan...lets get 2 air mattresses that way we would each have our own and we would be able to get some sleep.

The first night went pretty good...for me that is. Craig's air mattresses had a hole in it and after a few hours he was on the ground. So the second night he bought a fix it kit...but that did not work either cuz he was on the ground that night too. To make matters worse that night it rained and hailed and the wind blew all night long.

The dogs got freaked out in the tent and put their own large doggie door in one side of the tent. UGG! The third night we slept in the dumpy hotel in Duchesne! The tent (used 3 times TOTAL) made its way to the trash can at the lake and i guess this might be the end of tenting for the colberts.

Despite the sleeping accommodations and a little bit of rain we still had a good time! Good friends, a couple of poker games and a little sunshine here and there and it was fun!


doggie casino night

Our neighbor was in charge of doing the photo shoot for the doggie casino night...a fundraiser for no more homeless pets. Craig so kindly volunteered his time and talents to paint the back drop for the photo event. So we piled the boys in the car and attended the fundraiser. The event was in the Hilton hotel downtown...i have to say it was a little funny to see all these dogs running around. The Hilton is a nice hotel and i am sure there were some guests there that were wondering why all these doggies were runing around?? Anyway it was Copper and Oscar's first time downtown, in a nice hotel and their first elevator ride! I might be a little partial...but i think they are both very photogenic pooches!