fundraiser poker night

We had a fundraiser poker night to raise money for our friend who's husband passed away at the sand dunes. Craig and I both did not play super good...but it was fun and for a good cause. Thanks to all our friends who donated and those who came!


lake powell

I have wanted to go to Lake Powell ever since we bought our boat a few years ago. So finally when we make plans to go i am pregnant and cant wakeboard, ski or surf! Oh well a weekend in the sun with good friends was worth it. Craig and i decided we would rent us a motorhome to have a little ac and a nice bed to sleep in. Well we made it about 3 hours before we were broke down at the little mechanic shop in Beaver! Rentals...Ugg!! Luckily Craig talked to the owner of the shop who was very nice and stayed late to get us fixed. Thankfully...we were back on the road in no time! Powell was really beautiful. We camped at Lone Rock which is by the Wahweap Marine.

Hanging out in the boats!

Me & Brookli!

Mike & Teona, both looking a little pink!

The girls eating some lunch!


Cody, Brandi, Marci & Kayli

Curtis & Taira

Josh and Jade driving us around!