halloween 2010!

we bought tickets to the heber valley railroad and decided to go on Halloween to use them. it was a raining a cold day. the mountains were beautiful but the train ride was not so much what i was expecting. guess it is something you have to do at least once just to say you have rode the train! ??



naylors Halloween party! i are thing 1 & thing 2. (obviously?)


syd was Minnie mouse this year! again another raining and snowing halloween. sydney made it to the neighbors and that was pretty much all. too cold for the little ones. she liked eating and handing out the candy though!



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halloween party #2!





craig's hunting season has started! so one morning sydney and i played in the garden and went to the park while he was away. we are having really warm temps right now in october and i am hoping it lasts! in the morning when i go in syds room to get her up she always asks where daddy is. she knows usually daddy is at work or hunting the ducks! she is starting to relate where everyone is. if its just me & syd she will say just mama and sydney today. she says SO many words and is very smart for her age!




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happy birthday dad!

happy birthday to my dad. They came over for a little cake and ice cream! sydney always like company on her own turf! ;)


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