christmas loot

another tradition...taking pictures with all our christmas gifts!


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christmas continues at grandmas...

christmas at the grandparents homes. as always a wonderful christmas!




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christmas morning

christmas morning was a lot of fun! syd in her santa pjs and crazy hair! let the unwrapping begin!!





christmas eve

we decorated our ginger bread house christmas eve. i am thinking of making this one a christmas tradition. it was a lot of fun. syd might have eating more candies than she decorated with! ;) merry christmas everyone!




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once there was a snowman...

syd and daddy making a snowman...finally the snow is here! she loved playing in the snow. took her a minute to figure out how to walk in it. oh and copper in the snow too! ;)



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we had a fun thanksgiving this year doing both sides of the family. our neice on craigs side of the family had to work durning the day so they moved there dinner to late in the day. Both dinners we really good. We went to my moms for dinner in the early afternoon and my aunt and uncle were in town from vernal. It was good to visit with them because it has been a while since i have been out to vernal to see them. They also have a granddaughter named sydney and she is only 4 months older than my sydney that was fun to chat about the little ones. Then it was off to jim & deanna's for turkey dinner #2. i was still a little full from the first dinner so my helpings were just a bit smaller. kurt was in town from st. george so that was fun to have him there. sydney had so much fun going to both grandmas. when we were driving home sydney says...lets go to both grandmas again!

nothing like having all your family around for the holidays. i think thanksgiving is one of my favorites. i am so thankful for so many things in my life. i feel very blessed to have such a wonderful husband, daughter and family. i would not be who i am today without them. i can think of hundreds of things i am thankful for...too many to list them all. happy thanksgiving everyone! now lets bring on the christmas!!



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syds birthday

sydney's 2nd birthday at the living planet aquarium! We had a fun party in the sunken ship room! Then we all walked through the aquarium after to see the fish's and such.

sydney & papa


syd and her cake

syds cute cake that cami made for her!

opening the gifts with da girls!

blowing out the candles

birthday girl with the penguins! (love the new penguin exibit!)



halloween 2010!

we bought tickets to the heber valley railroad and decided to go on Halloween to use them. it was a raining a cold day. the mountains were beautiful but the train ride was not so much what i was expecting. guess it is something you have to do at least once just to say you have rode the train! ??



naylors Halloween party! i are thing 1 & thing 2. (obviously?)


syd was Minnie mouse this year! again another raining and snowing halloween. sydney made it to the neighbors and that was pretty much all. too cold for the little ones. she liked eating and handing out the candy though!



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halloween party #2!





craig's hunting season has started! so one morning sydney and i played in the garden and went to the park while he was away. we are having really warm temps right now in october and i am hoping it lasts! in the morning when i go in syds room to get her up she always asks where daddy is. she knows usually daddy is at work or hunting the ducks! she is starting to relate where everyone is. if its just me & syd she will say just mama and sydney today. she says SO many words and is very smart for her age!




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happy birthday dad!

happy birthday to my dad. They came over for a little cake and ice cream! sydney always like company on her own turf! ;)


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