18 months

syd is 18 months now and so much fun. (i think i keep saying tha over and over) only because it is true. she is happy and healthy and i could not ask for anything more. she is saying so many words now! everyday she picks up something new. i would make a list but really it would take 3 posts! sydney is a good eater and a good sleeper! her favorits would be mac and cheese and turkey dogs..typical kid! She loves playing at both grandmas houses and at her friends house next door, emma. the other day we were driving to grandma & grandpa colberts house and she ask if dakota (koda she says), syds cousin who is 5, would be there to play? i said no just grandma and grandpa. Then she askes...koda working? no i said koda is not working she is at her house. Pretty sure she said that because i tell her daddy is working. ;) fun conversations with the 18 month old! cant imagine life without her!


sydney with her neighboor friend emma, snack and baby einstein time!


hiking up milcreek canyon in the backpack!


eating daddy's birthday cake. craig says to me the other day that he loves to watch her eat yummy things ie: cake, cookies, ice cream, because she always gets them everywhere!

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copper the crayon holder, he puts up with a lot from her.