3 months

my little baby is now 3 months old. I know everyone says how fast they grow and i believe them! she is so fun. every day she discovers something new. one day its her hand the next its her foot. i just love how she stairs things down to try to figure out what they are. she loves watching the dogs and they love being with her. Copper is still giving her too many wet kisses...but that means that he loves her. She is already in love with baby einstein...the DVD's, what baby isn't right? she smiles big when you smile at her and she has the cutest dimples. lots of smiles in the morning when she wakes up. she can see things across the room and last but not least she burps like a man!! haha i laugh every time i burp her because it is so loud. i love being mommy...there is just nothing like it.

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bath time

sydney is waiting for daddy to get the bath water run i see he has given her a stuffed animal to hold while he gets ready.

ready to get in the bath tub.

nakey in the tubby!

all done and all clean...yeah!


happy birthday to me

29 years old today!! (next year we will celebrate big) For my b-day this year we stayed low key. Dinner at my mom's, boat show with our friends, and way too much cake! Craig suprised me with a necklace that he had made just for me. The stone is sydney's birth stone and it is a triangle shape which represents the three of us. I love it...thanks honey!


happy valentines day

our little sydney in her valentine outfit. thanks to brandi & brookli for letting me borrow it! she is blowing bubbles in this picture. we spent the day at home just the five of us...counting the dogs, making valentines cookies! Could not have been better! happy love day everyone!

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