so i have given a lot of thought to our family traditions at christmas and which ones i would like to start with my own little family. We had a tradition growing up where we would get all our gifts together and take a picture so that every year we remember what we got. i decided to do the same for my little sydney.


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barson christmas

grandma feeding sydney at the christmas party

grandpa & sydney on christmas day

mommy gets to open all of sydneys gifts!

angie, kyra & my dad at angies new house
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colbert christmas

christmas brunch with criags family on christmas morning.

suzie, brooke, dakota and sydney


dakota, chad and sydney


lazy beagle boys


daddy & sydney


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christmas cards

merry christmas everyone! this has been a bit different holiday season at the colberts. with our new addition there has not been a lot of time for shopping, wrapping and the usual holiday stuff. but there is one thing that we do every year no matter how hectic the season gets....christmas cards! i love christmas cards. i love getting them, reading them and i love mailing ours out to everyone too. every year i pull out the shoe box full of cards from years past and sit down and read all of them again. i could do without most of the commercial holiday stuff...but not the christmas cards from our friends and family!


4 week old!

wow time flies! our little sydney is already 4 weeks old. where do i start...we love her more than words can express and we are so happy she is in our life. new momma is a little tired but sydney is sleeping 5 hours at a time a night and from what i hear we are lucky. i cant believe that she is already holding her little head up. she is such a good baby. the dogs like to smell her and snuggle up to her when she is on the couch. oscar always tries to curl up in her boppy because it is just the right size for him too. the little teddy bear outfit that she is wearing was something that her daddy picked out especially for her and she loves it because it keeps her nice and toasty!

i want to add a special thanks to our family and friends. we are so thankful for all the warm wishes, nice dinners, the baby showers, and all the gifts that we received! thank you! thank you! thank you! we are so greatful for our wonderful friends and family!




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more of our precious little sydney





little sydney

sydney vivian colbert
birthday 11/16/2008
4:30 am
7 lbs 2 oz
Our little precious girl is finally here...we love her to pieces!!




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my big belly

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my last photo before the big day. for some reason i just had an idea that we would be welcoming our little girl into the world this weekend. so i had craig snap a few last photos of me & my belly. I told my work that i would not be in on monday and left all the sticky notes on the files for my leave...even they said yeah right we will see you on monday. saturday we ended up walking the doggies around the neighborhood...twice! they were so excited to get walked twice in one day (they have been a little deprived of our walks this summer). well it must have worked because not more that 2 hours after our last walk we were on our way to the hospital.


the count down...

UPDATE...Okay so baby colbert (still no name) is not here yet...but we are counting down the days!! nov 19 is the exact date but i hope she decides to come a titch early. like the 14 or 15 would be good for me! haha...dont think you can plan these things but here's to trying.

I am way behind on the blog. sorry. i have a list as long as my arm to do before the baby gets here...you know the whole nesting thing. i work until about 6 or 7 every night at the office and then at home in my office for the rest of the night in between loads of laundry and attempting to fix a good meal for my hubby. i still need to post about the wonderful baby showers that i have had...i feel very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family. also still need to post about my dad's b-day, our anniversary, criags work in the babies room etc etc...i will find time hopefully before she gets here. oh an we need a name for the little one...any suggestions??? we have a lot of friends with girls and a lot of family with girls so its slim pickens on the girls names.



my little oscar




mr. & mrs. white trash...my mom would be proud haha!

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(dont worry the beer was borrowed from a non pregnant person)


peanut butter beagles

copper & oscar enjoying a treat! we save our almost empty peanut butter jars to give to them. they both LOVE peanut butter and it takes them hours to lick all the peanut butter from the jar. oscar is better at this than copper cuz his snout is smaller and he can get the whole thing in the jar...haha. then they chew on the jar for a few more hours. cheap yummy toys!




2 months to go!

Okay okay...here are some photos of my growing belly. I have to say that i feel pretty lucky with this pregnancy, no sickness yet! Hopefully we contine this for the last 2 months. Sleeping at night is a little more difficult however. I still have not figured out how to sleep with a pillow between my knees and not take all the covers when i roll over...sorry honey!


boating at starvation

Craig and i (mostly the i part) thought this might be our last camping/boating trip we would be able to sleep in our tent. So we packed up the boys and the boat and headed for starvation. The last time we used our full size air mattress we decided it was not made for two...and for sure not three (counting the baby in my belly). So i had a another plan...lets get 2 air mattresses that way we would each have our own and we would be able to get some sleep.

The first night went pretty good...for me that is. Craig's air mattresses had a hole in it and after a few hours he was on the ground. So the second night he bought a fix it kit...but that did not work either cuz he was on the ground that night too. To make matters worse that night it rained and hailed and the wind blew all night long.

The dogs got freaked out in the tent and put their own large doggie door in one side of the tent. UGG! The third night we slept in the dumpy hotel in Duchesne! The tent (used 3 times TOTAL) made its way to the trash can at the lake and i guess this might be the end of tenting for the colberts.

Despite the sleeping accommodations and a little bit of rain we still had a good time! Good friends, a couple of poker games and a little sunshine here and there and it was fun!