In Memory

In memory of our good friend Steve who died Sunday May 25 from an motorcycle accident. Steve was always the life of the party and made a huge impression on every single person he met. It was important to him that everyone around him was happy, and he was constantly making people laugh. Steve always had a huge smile on his face a smile we will never forget! We will miss him a lot!


boating weather!

First time out in the boat this year...yeah!

The weather was perfect!
Boat ran great!
No bugs!
Doggies were loving it!
Water was not too cold!
Good Friends!

Could not have asked for a better day on the water.

craig on the wakeboard

captain oscar

my good friend trish

copper taking a nap


my boys

these are my boys. copper (back) & oscar (front). meet the 2 most spoiled beagles you have ever seen. i love my doggies and anyone who knows me is probably sick of hearing about them. what can i say they are like our kids...for now!


hello fellow bloggers

Welcome to to world of blogging melissa! I have decided to start blogging here instead of on myspace. (i will do both for a while) The main reason why i decided to do this here is so my friends and family who are not on myspace can also follow my somewhat exciting life. 2nd reason to start blogging is so i feel like i am keeping a journal, i know its a stretch. I have never journaled before and i never liked it either...however if keeping a journal means i can
a) type my journal instead of write it and
b) add photos and fun stuff to my journal....count me in!