yellowstone 2

more pictures from yellowstone...

my parents & syd at old faithful

old faithful lodge, me, syd, dad, angie, & kyra

my & my baby girl at the upper falls

dad and i at the artist paint pots

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yellowstone 1

Our annual family trip to yellowstone. This was sydneys first big trip and it was so much fun to have her there with us. She wont remember it but we took plenty of pictures to show her one day. When i was growing up we took many trips to yellowstone and loved it. There is just something about that place that is so peaceful and beautiful. The older i get the more i realize what a wonderful life i had growing up and i owe it all to my parents. What a fun trip...i am already planning one for next year...;)

Getting ready to leave...me, syd and my mom

sydney in her play pen at the condo


bath time


sydney in mama's bed in the morning

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6 months

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my little sydney is 6 months old! this is my attempt to take some pictures of her at home. I think i need a better camera. Anyway i took roughly 200 pictures of her rolling around and kicking her legs and this is the picture that was the best. It was also the FIRST picture of her i took. I think i could have saved a few hours. ;)
i cant believe my little girl is 6 months old already. Time is flying by but i am loving every minute. She is such a happy girl we love her to pieces!


mothers day

Happy Mothers Day! I guess you could say this is my first offical mothers day...not counting the beagle boys! I am so happy to be a mom and i dont know if i can find the right words to describe it. Sydney is such a joy in my life it makes me smile when i see her. I dont think you really understand until you are a mommy! Craig and i are enjoying every minute.

To my mom: thank you for being a wonderful mom. You are a great example of a caring and loving mom. Now that you are a grandma...thank you for helping us take care and love our little sydney. I sometimes stop and think how nice it would be if someone just took care of you and loved you all day long like a baby...and then i think that my mom did the same for me when i was little...thank you mom!


To my mother in law: first of all thank you for my criag! you have raised him to be a honest and hardworking man and i am thankful to you for that. You have also been a wonderful mother in law for me! i could not have asked for more. Thank you for helping watch our sydney. It is fun to share all of her first with you. you are a wonderful grandma.



more pictures of my baby girl. She now has 2 more teeth coming in the bottom. at the rate she is going she might have a full mouth by the time she is one! she jabbers all the time but only she know what she is saying. in the morning she will wake up a chat with herself for a while in her crib. it is so cute to listen to her.

sydney loves her daddy...always a big smile when she sees him, maybe it is because she has been with mommy all day and she is excited to see a new face. she also loves to feel his wiskers. i also heard her saying dada dada today...dont think she knows what she is saying yet or maybe craig is teaching her :)


syd is learning to get her binky in herself. sometimes she puts in it upside down. i had to snap a quick picture this time.


all smiles in the morning


we were trying out the umbrella stroller one morning in our jamies. she seemed to really like it. i was worried about not having a shoulder strap on her but the belt went pretty much up to her arm pits anyway. we went to the mail box and back and around the house. she loves it.


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