sydney loves to sit in her bumbo chair. what a great idea the bumbo chair is. i just love her little expressions...cant get enough of my sweet girl.




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easter sunday. my parents came over to dye some easter eggs. sydney liked to watch us.




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so sydney is now 4 months and we are attempting to get her to sleep through the night (haha) the doc said we could try a little cereal if we wanted to so we gave it a shot. well i think that she actually liked the cereal and eating out of a spoon. whenever craig and i sit down to eat she watches us like a hawk. she is very interested in what we are doing. well despite our best efforts to get her little belly full she is STILL not sleeping through the night. ugg! how much longer i say?? i know it could be worse..she does about 6-7 hours at a time, which i guess i can live with for a few more months.



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copper & sydney

the other morning i was taking some photographs for work and walked into the living room to find this! aren't they so cute together! i could not help but take pictures of the two of them. copper just love sydney and always wants to be with her. i always knew that copper would be really really good with kids. he has always loved kids. those bigs floppy ears...who could resist!




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