christmas tradition

we had a tradition in my family growing up to take a photo with all the christmas gifts. it is fun to look back and remember the gifts you got each year so i want to do this with sydney too. 2009 christmas loot:

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christmas 2009




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sydney's first big owiee! she burned her little hand on grandmas fireplace. it was a good burn...most of her palm and 2 little fingers. it was so sad but as soon as we got it wrapped up she stopped crying and went to sleep. sucks to see my little one hurt.

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this year for thankgiving we went with craigs family to st. george. thanksgiving in st george rocks..the weather was 70 and sunny!! we stayed with craigs brother and the rest of craigs family stayed at one of kurt and shawn's friends home, which is where we had turdey dinner to. its was a very nice home at the entrada golf course, theater room and all. the food was great and it was fun to be down there with the family. syd was a little under the weather..dang it. one of her first big colds and we are out of town. she was sure glad to be sleeping in her own bed when we got home.




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new car seat!

yeah!! sydney loves her new car seat! she looks out of all the windows to see whats going on! so fun!



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syd 1st birthday

well it has been one year since out precious little sydney has entered this world. she is the joy of my life. i think about her while she sleeps and cant wait to see her smiling face every morning. she is truley a happy baby. we had a fun birthday party for her with friends and family. she was so good at the party..she loved playing with all the other kids and seeing family too. it was fun to have everyone over, we dont do it much i guess. syd diffently raked in the toys and clothes! thanks to everyone who came and made her day special!




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sydneys year of firsts!

november 17- first day home from the hospital
november 19- first doctors office visit
december 2- first pictures taken
february 19- first 2 bottom teeth
april 5- first baby cereal
april-18 first time sleeping in her crib
april 25- first babysitter at our house, brooke
may 5- second 2 bottom teeth
may-28- first trip to yellowstone
june 28- first time in the boat
july 1- first army crawl
july 3- first time in swiming pool
july 10- first crawl on all fours
november 3- first steps
november 14- first cake and b-day party
november 16 - first birthday
november 18- first real milk


one year

its 9:00 pm November 15, 2009...one year ago today this very moment we were in the hospital waiting for our little girl to arrive. we were suppose to go play poker with some friends when i started not feeling very good. as the contractions got worse i finally convinced craig that we better go to the hospital. when we arrived and they set us up in a room we still did not know if they would book us in for the night. finally i talked them into some pain medication because the contractions were getting stronger. when i dilated to a 2 a few hours later i was able to get the epidural (best $1200 i ever spent). the nurse came to check on me around 1 in the morning and said she wanted me to get some sleep because it would be a long night. She was leaving the shift at 6 in the morning and she assumed she would not be there when i delivered. at about 3:30 i started feeling more pain and called the nurse back. she was quite surprised to tell me that i had already dilated to a 10 and was ready to start pushing. 4:30 am that morning our lives changed forever. our precious little sydney was welcomed into this world. i remember seeing her big eyes staring at me when the doctor put her on my belly...i will never forget it.

One year has gone by so fast...everyone tells you this and it is true. i was so excited in the hospital to finally meet her i did not sleep much even though i was exhausted! craig kept saying you need to get some rest..even though i was tired i was excited. there we several nurses that helped out while we were in the hospital and i sent her to the nursery one night for a few hours so i could get some sleep. the nurse come to check on her in the morning and said "i remember her in the nursery last night and she was the cutiest girl in there".

our first night home with her we had no night light to see her in the dark. i remember trying a flashlight, the hall light, my lamp and finally my cell phone. No one told me we needed a night light! Craig went and got us one for the next night. She slept almost 5 hours at a time her first night. She has always been a good sleeper and i am very thankful for that. i enjoy every moment that i spend with my little one. I also enjoyed our times we use to spend together in the middle of the night. I was tired but always wanted to hold her and rock her back to sleep.

friends and family came to see her, and help us out, and brought us dinner. i was so grateful for them. we have the best family and friends anyone can ask for.

i am so happy. sydney has brought so much joy into our lives...it is really hard to describe. craig loves her so much and is such a great dad to her. and we are grateful she is a happy and healthy baby! and yes she will always be my baby. happy birthday syd!

your my star, my moon, my sun, momma loves you little one.

disney princess

the sunday before syd's birthday we went to the disney princess on ice. because criag was not to hip on going we had extra tickets. i cant lie i was really excited to go. i love doing these kinds of things and now i have someone to do them with. sydney was so good! she sat and watched most of the show! we did have good seats which helped that she could see what was going on. it was a fun day with her and friends!!



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more powell pictures...

fishing with barbie and spiderman poll's...and the bate was whatever was around to eat. much to our surprise they caught a fish!


in taria and curts boat going to the dock to get ice cream. syd LOVED playing with these older kids!!

brookle, craig and syd at the dock. they did not have ice cream so we settled for push pops.

my & syd at the dock. my very seroius baby!!
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fun trip to powell with our friends. We had alot of kids with us. The weather was perfect! 80's during the day and 65 at night it was so beautiful. We were staying on a very nice houseboat which is always nice. Especially when you have kiddies!!

craig and i in the very nice houseboat...compliments of josh naylor.


sydney loved playing in the sand and with the other kids. she did so good for us. napped good and slept good at night!! she is easy and fun to take on vacation!!

mike and craig...these two like to cause trouble together! in a fun kind of way...;)

taria and teona enjoying the sunshine!!
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sydney 10 months

our little one is now 10 months old and quickly approaching 1!! We truly enjoy every moment with her. Some fun picture of her new favorites! Sydney loves bath time..dont all kids? She has always loved the water. Fun picture of her in the bath tub.


Meal time!! Syd likes to eat BUT she would prefer to feed herself. This was the first time we decided to let here try it herself! First time with the spoon...not sucessful but she is great at finger foods! Syd is starting to get out of the baby foods and eat "real" food, or whatever mommy & daddy are eating.


The doggie beds. I believe sydney thinks that they are small, fluffy and made just for her. Two beagles i know would think otherwise! She loves to play in their beds! Put all her toys in and out of them. Thankfully copper is VERY willing to share. Oscar on the other hand we just tell him they are hers now and he has to move. Oh and yes they are washable.


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