sydney 10 months

our little one is now 10 months old and quickly approaching 1!! We truly enjoy every moment with her. Some fun picture of her new favorites! Sydney loves bath time..dont all kids? She has always loved the water. Fun picture of her in the bath tub.


Meal time!! Syd likes to eat BUT she would prefer to feed herself. This was the first time we decided to let here try it herself! First time with the spoon...not sucessful but she is great at finger foods! Syd is starting to get out of the baby foods and eat "real" food, or whatever mommy & daddy are eating.


The doggie beds. I believe sydney thinks that they are small, fluffy and made just for her. Two beagles i know would think otherwise! She loves to play in their beds! Put all her toys in and out of them. Thankfully copper is VERY willing to share. Oscar on the other hand we just tell him they are hers now and he has to move. Oh and yes they are washable.


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Off to see tom & trish in colorado for labor day! Sydneys first plane flight! She was soooo good on the plane. Luckily it was a short flight only an hour and 15 min. i was hoping she would sleep but too many new things for her to watch. We almost missed our flight and if it had not been for the stroller lane we probably would have. If you have a stroller they let you go throught the first class lane at the security. I think we will be taking a stroller with us from now on. haha Not sure what it is about us colberts and flying but i dont think we should make a habit of trying to miss our flight. Anyway...here we are on the plane! Syndey in her jammies...yes it was early.



We went to the Taste of Colorado. Fun and interesting to see downtown Denver and very different from Salt Lake.

after we got home...syd was helping me unpack the suitcase.
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