8 month pictures

sydney's 8 month old pictures! thanks to holly for taking the pictures! hollyreed.com



Our little baby girl is growing up...too fast! She is such a joy to have around! we just love her to pieces! Now 7 months old she is eating all kinds of foods and pretty much liking all of them. She is discovering the world around her and it is so fun to be a part of it.

In her room on the changing table...our little rock star!

Helping daddy put up her new curtians.

summertime! i love summer clothes and sandles!

sound asleep...our funny little sleeper!

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Finally a little boating time! the weather this year has been very cool so far. we finally made it out for our first time in june. Sydney loved the boat...yeah! i am so glad she liked the boat, she napped good and everything! It is fun to have her out there with us...now when can she start driving the boat? haha



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